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Welcome at De Kindervilla Wereld!

About the company

De Kindervilla Wereld started In August 2009. We provide daycare for children from the age of 0 – 12 years. Our main location is Westeinde in Noordwijkerhout. In total we now have six locations. They are located in Noordwijkerhout, Noordwijk and Lisse. In 2009 we started with 8 FTEs; at this moment we have 76 staff. 62 Have professional qualifications in childcare and we have a support staff of 10 people. We are multicultural an multilingual organization. In each group, the pedagogical teacher speaks English and Dutch. Some of them speak Spanish and French. Our children’s families come from twenty two countries inside and outside Europe. A lot of international families choose our daycare because our staff is multi-lingual and because we provide a wide variety of services. Due to our multicultural background, we have chosen the name “De Kindervilla Wereld” meaning The Children’s Global Villa. At this moment we take care of app. 800 children.

All inclusive care

Our vision is “all inclusive care” or wraparound childcare from the age of three months to twelve years old. This means that on most of our locations we are open from 7 am to 7 pm. Depending on the location we provide breakfast, a hot lunch including dessert, a cold dinner with sandwiches and a salad. Nappies, personal care such as wet wipes, nappy cream, formula and food is included.

We are a fully licensed day care centre committed to providing quality early learning and child care for all children from age of three months to four years old. We commit to providing a developmentally, stimulating and challenging program to ensure that every child receives the best start in life.

Green label

We have been accredited with the  Green label (“Groene Keurkmerk”). This means that we take them outside a lot to let them play and to teach them about Mother Nature e.g. we have our own vegetable garden, and most of the locations have their own small children’s farm. We often go to the woods or dunes with the school aged children. They can build their own huts and they help maintaining the vegetable garden

Wide variety of contracts

Every family has his own needs. Therefore we offer a wide variety of contracts. For further information Tariffs & Contracts

Others services

Besides daycare we offer also toddler school possibilities, afterschool en preschool care.